Online Booking System Explained

I will provide answers to common questions and explain how reservations work:

Is there any payment required to reserve?

Yes, full payment is taken on the final step of a reservation.

What cards do you accept?

We accept major debit and credit card payments from VISA, MASTERCARD & AMERICAN EXPRESS.

Can I make a reservation over the phone?

We prefer you to use the online reservation system. If you cannot use the website for some reason, contact us and we will arrange an alternate method for your reservation.

How do I know that I have successfully reserved my ticket(s)?

After a successful payment you will be shown a confirmation page showing your reservation details and a link to download a receipt. You will also receive a confirmation email and printable ticket(s).

Do I need to print my ticket?

We advise guests to bring their tickets either printed – or saved on their smartphones.

Can I get a refund of my reservation?

Refund Policy:
Tickets will be refunded or exchanged only if the show has sold out, and there is a demand for the tickets.

How many reservations can I make at one time?

We currently support reservations of up to 8 tickets on any single transaction.


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